Bunting Pty Ltd

Bunting Pty Ltd (ABN 64 096 255 668) was founded in March 2001 as a project management and advisory business following the dotcom crash (2000-2001), which emphasised the importance of evolution to rapidly changing circumstances. The need for agile flexibility has since been emphasised by the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and current impacts of USA's trade protection policies.

Our evolutionary pivots since 2001, consultancy → product development → SaaS → investment, have been very successful.

eGov Pty Ltd (eGrants.com)

Senator Ian Campbell presents Richard Nott with an achievement award
▲ August 2006: eGrants first client wins a minister's achievement award 👍
► L-R: Minister for Environment, Project Director (Community Water Grants), Department of the Environment Secretary

One of our first ventures was eGov Pty Ltd, founded in 2006. eGov bootstrapped, developed and operated eGrants.com, a very successful software as a service (SaaS) operation.

Some of the most important environmental and economic relief, recovery and stimulus programs supported by eGrants included:

On RLCIP, we were asked "when can you go live?" - at the depth of the GFC time was of the essence. Our response was "the day after you sign the contract". eGrants went live with full production capacity the day after the contract was signed. 👍

eGrants was designed, built, operated, configured for each program and funding round, continuously developed and supported (back office, client and user help desk, and on clients' sites) by just 2 people, Lloyd Bunting and Anita Eglitis. This was achieved by applying the same emphasis on automation, productivity and quality to our own operations that we applied to our clients' operations.

Backroom Investor


From 2001-2010 our investment portfolio was made up of cash and ASX-listed bank and technology stocks supporting our consultancy and project work and, from 2006, our eGov business.

The purposes of our portfolio at that time included:

However the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 created a need and opportunity to put those assets to a more productive use: investing in the US market recovery. Around 2010, with the AUD above parity with the USD and US technology stocks at low valuations, we focused our investment on technology stocks listed on NASDAQ and NYSE, retaining a few ASX-listed stocks.

We have also invested in Australia's entrepreneurs and their tech startups via Australia's first tech startup incubator Pollenizer (which unfortunately went to zero in 2017) and the AUD 10 million Sydney Angels Sidecar Fund which has been successful.

Investment is now a significant focus of our company, providing capital and cashflow necessary to develop, launch and grow new businesses.

Current Product Development


Our product development interests include investment management systems (backroominvestor) and, in conjunction with Techseeder, domestic solar energy management.

Lloyd Bunting, Founder Linkedin profile


Lloyd is the founder of Bunting Pty Ltd and eGov Pty Ltd (eGrants.com).

Lloyd has degrees in business and investment (BBus, MBA), and is a retired FAICD (Foundation Fellow), FASA/FCPA and MACS.

Anita Eglitis, Techseeder Linkedin profile


Anita is the founder of Techseeder Pty Ltd and CEO of eGov Pty Ltd (eGrants.com). As eGov CEO she arranged and signed the company's first million-dollar contract (the Federal government's first Software as a Service contract).

Anita is an economist and former senior executive at ANZ Bank and Victorian State Government as head of its Project Governance and Review Group. Her economics degrees include an MA from Cambridge University.