Minister's Award

August 2006: eGrants first client wins a minister's achievement award βœ…
L-R: Senator Ian Campbell 🔗   Project Director Richard Nott,   Secretary David Borthwick 🔗

One of our first ventures was, a disruptive software as a service (SaaS) startup founded in early 2006.

The company's CEO is Anita Eglitis.

About eGrants:

Some of the most important environmental and economic relief, recovery and stimulus programs supported by eGrants included:

On RLCIP, we were asked "when can you go live?" - at the depth of the GFC time was of the essence. Our response was "the day after you sign the contract". eGrants went live with full production capacity the day after the contract was signed βœ…

Our design and functional objectives for eGrants were compatible with the objectives of "tech for good", providing equality of access to government support programs to all organisations and people regardless of their location. The "bare bones" UI design in eGrants was driven by our objective of loading every page in less than 5 seconds at the slowest (56 kbps) line speed available to the remotest users. Automated assessment and production of funding agreements minimised time between application and payment. Our outcomes and user satisfaction scores suggest we achieved our own "tech for good" objectives.

Despite its track record of outstanding performance, eGrants ceased operations in 2010 when it became clear that the Federal and State governments preferred to own and operate their systems inhouse, effectively closing most opportunities for SaaS solutions. From start to finish, eGrants was an exhilarating experience as we learned so much and made the most of our opportunities at an exciting time in tech entrepreneurship πŸ‘

CWG Round 3

eGrants provided equality of access to government grants for tens of thousands of applicants wherever they were:
in major cities, or farms, or the remotest desert and island communities [Community Water Grants - Round 3 funded projects]